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Intramurals Sept 2017 - June 2018

Travel Soccer Sept 2017 - June 2018

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 The Town of Poughkeepsie Soccer Club

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         The FALL 2016 - SPRING 2016 Season runs from Sept. - June


The time to register for next season is May/June of 2016



Intramural registration opens May 1



Travel Tryouts are posted at


If you have registered before please use your current e-mail and password to re-enter the system.  If you do not remember your password please ask the system to email it to you.


Please DO NOT make a new account, it only causes confusion.
If you are a new registrant, you must create an account. 

First time intramural registrants:  scan/email birth certificate (with personal info redacted)  to  or mail to TOPSC, P O  Box 3124, Poughkeepsie NY 12603

First time travel registrants: scan/email a copy of player's birth certificate (with personal information redacted)   to or mail to EHYSL, 407 Route 6, Mahopac, NY 10541 or fax directly to  845-621-0114





Only trained guide dogs or service animals assisting guests with disabilities are permitted inside the facility.



This is a posted policy for all members of the Club.





1.      I understand that youth soccer is a kid's game and that it is a privilege to stand along the sidelines and watch children play their game. I will notcurse, create a public disturbance or threaten officials. I understand that such behavior is not to be
tolerated on the sidelines while my child plays soccer.
       I understand that coaching from the sidelines by a variety of people is not only unacceptable conduct, but it is also counterproductive, since it distracts the players from their decision making on the field and their enjoyment of the game. Cheering and positive encouragement is a natural part of the game of soccer. Negative comments and constant coaching directed at players on the field from either team, substitute players, or coaches will be subject to discipline by the Referee, coach, division director, and or, the club/PSC Board of Directors.
      I understand that my role on the sidelines is to be a role model of sportsmanship for these kids. I agree to be positive with my comments regardless of the outcome of the game. I agree to remind other parents, coaches, etc. who may get out ofhand from time to time, why they are at the game. I understand that I must remain at least three feet outside of the sideline during the game.
      I agree to be tolerant of the official’s calls, whether I agree with them or not. I understand that a large number of the officials are learning as they go. I agree that I will not berate them, threaten them, curse at them or in any way physically or verbally abuse anofficial. Should I have a complaint about the Referee I understand that there is a system in place to report the complaint and I will follow those procedures.
      I understand that at no time during the course of the game will anyone enter the field of play without the express permission of the Referee. All persons on the sideline must be at least three feet back from thesideline to allow the linesman unobstructed access and view of the sideline. I understand that the Referee is not obligated to delay the progress of a game to explain their calls to anyone, including me.
      I understand that the coaches, parents, substitute players, and spectators from opposing teams will occupy opposite sides of the playing field and will remain on their respective sides during the entire course of each game. At no time during the course of the game will anyone be allowed to stand behind either goal line.
      I understand that the enjoyment of the kids playing the sport they love is much more important than the outcome of the game. I will encourage my children to play hard, play fair, respect the Referees and other officials, and congratulate their opponent at each and every game.
      I understand that the Coach is responsible for the behavior of the parents, substitute players, and spectators on their sidelines. If the Referees detect unacceptable behavior, they will caution the head coach on that sideline to deal with the individuals involved. Failure to do so may result in discipline of the coach in addition to discipline of the individual involved.
      I understand that profanity, fighting, spitting, and the consumption of alcohol is prohibited at all PSC club activities.
10. I understand that open flames and tobacco use of any kind is not permitted at the soccer fields.
11. I understand that during soccer activities, no dogs, cats or other pets or animals are allowed at the Soccer Fields, (even if they are on a leash or in your lap, etc.) I agree to abide by the PSC Animal Policy at all PSC events.
12. I understand that flyers or any other types of advertisements or announcements of any kind are not allowed to be distributed at the fields or in the parking lot without advanced approval by the PSC Board.
 As a parent, coach, assistant coach, team parent, of my child’s soccer team, I understand that according to PSC, I am a member of their club.  As a member I understand that I am responsible for complying with all the rules and regulations in the bylaws and can be held accountable for my actions.
 I understand that violation of any of these principles may result in punishment of the individuals responsible, by the Board of Directors of our club.  Such punishment may include suspension from participation in club activities, including games.  All rules and regulations are provided to each coach within the club and will be made available to any other parent, player, sibling or other spectator upon request. 
 I agree that if I act in a way that interferes with game play, which will be decided at the sole discretion of the game officials, that I will be asked to vacate the field area immediately, and I will do so quickly and without delay.  I may also be subject to filing of criminal charges should my actions endanger or threaten the safety of players, spectators or Game Officials.  PSC will enforce a Zero Tolerance Policy relative to abusive or threatening behavior at any club sponsored event.  PSC has the right to suspend anyone violating this Code of Conduct.